september 25, 2010


is this all ages?

yes. just bring your i.d. and if you are under 21 we’ll mark your hand, twice. three times. and maybe your forehead

can i bring my kids?


can we come late, if we can’t come at 4?

the event starts at 4, but goes till midnight. food will be available from 5-9:30ish, music will go till nearly midnight. so even if you can’t make it at 4, there will be plenty to enjoy throughout the afternoon and evening.

how do we pay for our tickets?

right now the plan is to pay at the door, cash. we might setup an online payment option soon, so check back.

can we bring our own alcohol?

yes, you are welcome to bring your own. but also, if things work out we should have a cash bar where folks can purchase beer, soda and water.

is there anything else going on besides listening to great music and eating heaping piles delicious pork?

funny you should ask, why yes there is. it doesn’t stop people. we will be raffling off some really cool shit between the band performances, more details on that will come out in the next couple weeks.

thanks for signing up and asking these questions. if you have more questions that i haven’t answered here you can email me at chef john at entreunderground dot com and i will do my best to answer your queries.


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